Sylvie’s Love

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Dirty Laundry A: None. There are no examples of racial dirty laundry on display in this film.

BlackFaceA: None. There are no instances of white characters offensively pretending to be black in this film.

National GeoGRAPHICA: None. There are no scenes of gratuitous nudity.

Cosby ContentA: Multiple Characters. There are many examples of black success achieved within the confines and according to the rules of the white establishment.

25-20sA: Many. You can take many white friends with you to see this movie. The amount of explaining you will have to do is minimal and they will love the music and the texture of the black jazz scene.

Sylvie’s Love is a polished, whimsical love story set in the racially turbulent 50s and 60s. Yet somehow the filmmakers manage to avoid the seemingly requisite encounters between oppressive white power structures and frustrated black intelligentsia broken by such encounters. Some might find this a reason to label this effort unrealistic. After the emotionally exhausting 2020 we’ve all survived others might just call it refreshing.

Whether unrealistic or refreshing, what is beyond dispute is that this movie is well written and well executed. Former football Giant Nnamdi Asomugha turns in a measured performance that provides the ice for Tessa Thompson’s fire and smoke. There’s plenty to feel good about here, and more smiles than tears for audiences still reeling from a year full of discontent.


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